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  • Different protocols

    Quels sont les différents protocoles?

    Non-interventional study protocols (medication is not administered):
    AmyloAFFECT: Questionnaire concerning cardiac and extra-cardiac symptoms to develop a diagnostic tool
    AmyloCOLLECT: Blood samples are kept for scientific research: different markers are administered to understand the physiopathological mechanisms involved in heart failure
    NUTRICOEUR: Measures the impact of dietary education focusing on:
    • Preventing malnutrition
    • Reducing morbidity
    • Improving quality of life for patients with chronic heart failure
    SAFE HOME: Aims to evaluate the safety and efficiency of home hospital visits in comparison to standard hospitalisation for decompensated heart failure.
    AMYLO-CARTESIAN: Aims to determine the prevalence of transthyretin amyloidosis among elderly patients with aortic stenosis.
    AMYLODEAFNESS: Aims to research the prevalence and characteristics of changes in auditory functioning in amyloidosis patients.
    Interventional protocols (medication is administered):
    Victoria: Aims to evaluate the effectiveness of VERICIGUAT (vasodilator) in chronic heart failure
    Galactic: Aims to evaluate the effectiveness of L’OMECAMTIV MERCABIL in chronic heart failure
    Amylogallantry: Aims to investigate the effects of EGCG and Doxycycline in patients with AL amyloidosis
    Amylogalileo: Aims to investigate the effects of EGCG in patients with TTR amyloidosis.
    Amyloshiatsu: Aims to evaluate the effects of shiatsu (a form of self-massage) on amyloidosis symptoms and its impact on patients’ quality of life
    Obsamyl: Aims to estimate the number of patients affected by TTR amyloidosis in France and to evaluate the terms of use, tolerance and ‘effectiveness’ of Tafamidis.